Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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The day is all said and done, and you’re stuffed to your own giblets with those of our feathered, fowl friends. Some people are ready for their Black Friday shopping, others are lapsing into a food coma while “the big game” plays, and even more have just gone to other family members (or those of a significant other) for more of the bountiful “nourishment”.

Chances are, you’re (over)stocked on leftovers from the day… and just doing a plate of the leftovers is acceptable, but boring. What meals can you make with the leftovers, trying something different?

Turkey-Trimmed Hamburgers

Really, this is more dressing than anything. Craft a traditional hamburger patty, and acquire a bun, but leave the toppings to the leftovers. A slice of turkey, a dollop of stuffing, and cranberry dressing instead of ketchup adds a nice sweet tartness instead of the tomato taste traditional. You might not want to put cheese on this beast, or even any veggies, but the burger should be filling enough as is.

Thanksgiving Pizza

Grab some pizza crust, spread cranberry sauce as you would marinara (this is one of the few situations where naturally cranberry sauce is more suited for the task than the inexplicably delicious can of jelled), and break up whatever toppings you would like, primarily turkey (or ham, if you’re that family). If you want to go a little adventurous, roll up some stuffing in the crust akin to a stuffed-crust pizza, minus the cheese. Do you actually want a cheese on this? Try provolone or swiss; regular mozzarella isn’t the best pairing with turkey, or even try goat cheese, as it pairs well with both the sauce and the meat. Cooking should only last as long as it takes the crust to harden; with everything else cooked, you’re really just heating up leftovers on an edible plate.

Pie Cones

No, not “pine cones”. Take whatever pie du jour you had for the event, and crush it, smush it, and shove it into an ice cream cone. Save some of the pie crust for a crumbly topping to place on top of this room-temperate or warm ice cream cone dish. It varies up your dessert with minimal effort, and presents it in a new and unique way.

The Turkey Sandwich, Bowl, Taco, Whatever

This is a tradition, and really doesn’t need much explanation. Take some loaf bread, sub bread, or even some leftover rolls, cut it open, and pour in the ingredients you want. You can do the same with a basic bowl, taco shells, or any sort of food-carrying device, edible or not. Skip the plate and go straight for finger-food or a fork, and just scoop it all together.

Take a look at your fridge, and with a little bit of creativity, you can enjoy the same old meal in a new light, with only a bit of creativity.

This is a guest post from Chad Bonin, a writer for Instawares restaurant equipment and supply company.

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